Sept 2018

Brian O’Farrell with officers and members of Fermoy Toastmasters gathered to congratulate him on his recent marriage. From right:- Frank O’Driscoll, Brian O’Farrell, Club President Eilish Ui Bhriain, Jerry Hennessy, Mary Whelan, Johanna Hegarty, Fanahan Colbert and Kevin Walsh.
Brian O’Farrell pictured with Mary Whelan on the evening of the club presentation to mark the occasion of his marriage.


Some of the attendance enjoying a very successful evening on September 11th 2018 and eager for the new season ahead.
Members enjoying the opening night of Fermoy Toastmasters September 11th 2018. In the centre of picture we see Padraig Murphy who is our Educational Vice President (EVP) or Meeting Organiser for the current season. He brings to this task an eagerness, dedication and clarity of purpose that promises a great season ahead. The responsibility of the EVP is crucial and can only be achieved where there ready support and cooperation by all club members, which Padraig so abundantly enjoys.
The top table very pleased that the first meeting of the season has gone off so well. From right:- Johanna Hegarty, who gave us such a lively and entertaining topics session; Eilish Ui Bhrian reprising her role as Club President and doing so with such charm, grace and warmth; Jerry Hennessy, Toastmaster, who always brings such an affable and pleasant lightness of touch to his participation in our club which is so enhanced by his active support and friendship to us all.
David Walsh pictured on this occasion at the lectern giving his overall impression of the meeting as General Evaluator. Although speaking without the use of the lectern is an aim highly prized by many Toastmasters everywhere, it remains a powerful symbol of eloquence and the joy of speaking to an audience, as well a key and essential focal point in the meeting room. It is something to be valued and treasured as representing all that we stand for.
Fanahan Colbert presents his verdict on John Sherlock’s speech full of very practical, sensible and wise advice on the best time and best way of buying a new car. Words spoken in this room of friendship and good cheer travel ever further along the highways of happy memory from which we all take so much that is positive, thoughtful and illuminating.
Frank O’Driscoll at the lectern making his very fine and insightful evaluation of Kevin Walsh’s speech.
David Walsh enjoying the first meeting of the new season September 11th 2018. David usually takes many of the pictures featured here but every once in a while he makes a very welcome appearance in front of the lens. Doesn’t he look well!
All ready for tea and coffee with delicious scones from Helsa Giles for the mid-meeting break which is such a special time for relaxed chat and warm genial interaction.
Kevin Walsh delivering his speech at the September 11th meeting, the first of the Autumn 2018 season. Also pictured (from left):- Jerry Hennessy, Toastmaster of the evening; Club President Eilish Ui Bhriain; Johanna Hegarty, Topicsmaster.
Fanahan Colbert pictured at the flip-chart stand while making his very well-researched and persuasively argued speech on the complexity and human tragedy that is the ever growing scandal of homelessness in our society today. Fanahan charted a path to a better time when everyone will have the dignity and respect of having a home of their own to go to. The range and diversity of what is on offer at every club meeting from members who are drawing on their own insights and experience to share a highly original and refreshing vision of the world is something truly special, unique and expansive.
An atmospheric view of the quayside all quiet and peaceful on the gentle placid autumn evening of September 25th 2018 as we headed home feeling relaxed and refreshed after a memorably lovely club meeting.
Helsa Giles smiles warmly with her most colourful and elegant presentation of flowers from Fermoy Toastmasters.
‘Fermoy Toastmasters relaxed and happy at the club meeting of September 25th 2018. Front row (from left):- Helsa Giles, Area Governor, Club President Eilish Ui Bhriain, John Sherlock, Mary Whelan and Michael Sheehan, with all of us gathered together as the very best of friends enjoying a great evening.
John Sherlock chatting happily at the mid-point tea break at our meeting of September 25th 2018.
Tim Fitzgerald presents his selection of topics at the September 25th 2018 meeting with all of his great humour and charm. This was a very successful topics session: indeed a good topics session makes for a brilliant meeting. Speaking impromptu and thinking on your feet is ever so stimulating and invigorating. It is a gentle challenge, but a challenge well worth taking for it expands you as a person and makes you reach into the very best and most original part of yourself. We share in that together for participation by all is the hallmark of everything that Toastmasters stands for. Special emphasis is always given at topics to ensure that those members who are not on the set programme of Top Table officers, speakers and evaluators have their chance to get their voices heard and to be listened to. Time does not always allow for everyone in the room to be be asked a topic but the one minute add-ons to the first responder who has a two minute time-slot create opportunities for everyone to make a contribution so that together we scale great heights of enjoyment and success.
Denis O’Brien delivers his evaluation of Kevin O’Neill”s very fine speech posing the issue of the introduction of compulsory military service in Ireland. Positive feedback is at the heart of the whole concept of Toastmasters. Nothing is free-standing – every speaker receives an evaluation highlighting all that was positive and everything that was achieved and pointing the way to a suggested future improvement. The club is an immense reservoir of insight, experience and wisdom built up over many years and represents a great educational and recreational asset to our community. September 25th 2018
John Sherlock presents a beautiful floral bouquet to Helsa Giles marking a new and very happy phase of her life. Helsa has always been such a very special friend and supporter of Fermoy Toastmasters and we look forward to her continuing friendship and wish her all the very best of everything for the future.
The Top Table (from right):- Tim Fitzgerald, Topicsmaster; Eilish Ui Bhriain, Club President and Mary Whelan, Toastmaster of the evening September 25th 2018.
One of our most universally loved and highly esteemed members, Mairead Barry, gives such an excellent and memorably poignant reading of Tom Kettle’s last poem written in the trenches of the First World War. Mairead has shared many great literary moments with us for her love of books is one of her greatest enthusiasms celebrating her joy of life. This presentation was very special and truly captivating. In our imagination we were transported most vividly to that terrible time of global conflict that was yet illuminated by the humanity, hope and dignity so movingly expressed in the poetry of Tom Kettle and read for us so beautifully by Mairead. A moment to remember and to cherish. September 25th 2018