March 2018

Another view of the March 13th meeting. On the extreme right is John Sherlock, our brilliant Meetings’ Organiser or EVP and timekeeper of the evening who carefully observed the lights and the duration of all speeches and of each phase of the meeting, underlining the emphasis that Toastmasters’ places on the making the most efficient and concentrated use of limited time available. The limitations on time do not act as a barrier however to creativity and participation, but rather serve to clarify and enhance the use of thought, speech and gesture that are interwoven to make the enjoyable, uplifting and memorable speech and impromptu contribution at the topics.
Club President Kevin O’Neill relaxes with club members after our very enjoyable and successful meeting of Tuesday, March 13th 2018. The chain of office around Kevin’s shoulders symbolises the club’s continuity and tradition spanning almost half a century. But it is not merely a celebration of past achievement but also proclaims our belief in a bright future of great promise.
A good top table always ensures a good meeting, as was most certainly the case on March 13th 2018 with Toastmaster and chairperson of the evening, Johanna Hegarty and John Quirke (right) acting as Topicsmaster, with our esteemed President Kevin O’Neill in the chair. The success of Toastmasters and of all of our activities is not just about any outstanding individual performances – though we are showcase for such excellence all the time – but rather on the fusion and the blending of all the talents and the creative energies of everyone that leads to great achievement and the heights of success.