April 2018

The Top Table:- Club President Kevin O’Neill with Toastmaster and chairperson of the evening, Mary Whelan and Topicsmaster Kevin Walsh.
Club President Kevin O’Neill with members and friends after the very enjoyable meeting of March 27th 2018. At the back of the room stands our Meeting Organiser John Sherlock happy that the evening had proved so successful.
Club President Kevin O’Neill presents Frank O’Driscoll with the Niall Brunicardi Perpetual Trophy as Club Speech Contest Winner 2018. The trophy was presented to the club by our First Founding President Niall Brunicardi to be presented every year to the first placed speaker in the annual speech competition celebrating the noble ideals of excellence in communication and leadership and the pleasures and joys of lasting friendship. There could be no better or worthier winner than Frank who is one of our most cherished and popular members and dearest friends.
Club President Kevin O’Neill presents Michelle O’Brien with her Runner-Up Prize in the recent Club Evaluations Contest.
Club President Kevin O’Neill relaxing with club members John Kelly and Mary Whelan together with Timekeeper John Sherlock after the very entertaining annual Speech and Evaluation Contest held on April 10th 2018. Second from right in the 2nd row is Area Governor Liam O’Flynn present for the occasion.
A Picture Of Two Presidents:- Club President Kevin O’Neill makes presentation to Mallow President Helsa Giles is appreciation for her lovely test speech on style and fashion for the Evaluation Contest April 10th 2018
Club President Kevin O’Neill welcomes everyone to the club meeting of April 24th 2018. To left of picture is Fanahan Colbert acting as Toastmaster or chairman of the evening’s proceedings with ease and assurance and Mary Whelan prepares to share her selection of topical and thoughtful themes for the off-the-cuff section of the meeting. Good topics sessions make for good meetings as we so happily enjoyed that evening.
Timekeeper Tim Fitzgerald pictured with Tricia and Seoirse Neilan together with other members at the club meeting of April 24th 2018. The role of Timekeeper is essential at any meeting operating the system of green, amber and red lights marking the fifth, sixth and seventh minute of set stage speeches. At the red light speakers are expected to bring their presentations to their conclusion and resume their seats. Everyone is allocated the time in which to have their say and utilise it to the full. By significantly going under the allowed time a precious opportunity is left abbreviated for the entire time allocation should be used for the speaker to develop and share their thoughts, views and ideas and thereby helping to achieve their true potential. Going significantly going over the time is to take away the space that rightly belongs to someone else. It is a beautiful system of balance that sets limits not to restrain expression but to enhance it and is a wonderful discipline obliging speakers to cut away all superfluity and to clarify in our minds what we want to say in as light and economical a style as possible before yielding to the next person to rise and make their presentation. The efficient and optimum use of time is at the heart of the Toastmasters ideal. This also applies in the informal topics sessions with two minute contributions for the initial response and one minute allowed for add-ons, these time limits marked by the ringing of a bell by the timekeeper. Also a record of the duration of each speech and phase of the meeting is kept and read out as the Timekeepers’ Report at the summing up of the General Evaluator immediately prior to the final adjournment. Watching time at any Toastmasters’ meeting requires two hours of constant attention and precision and is vital to the running of a smooth and successful gathering. Tim performed his duties that evening to the highest professional standards set in our club over the years. At the bottom right corner of our picture can be seen the top of the speakers’ lectern, the universal symbol of eloquence and freedom of speech.