Nov 2017

The Top Table November 14th 2017:- Club President Kevin O’Neill with Topicsmaster Johanna Hegarty and Toastmaster Frank O’Driscoll. All three either currently hold or have held the post of Club President with its one year term of office. While any other office can be held consecutively, that of President cannot: the wearer of the chain of office must change every year at the Annual General Meeting. However previous Presidents can and sometimes do serve again. The talent, experience, enthusiasm and dedication here in this photograph is a source of joy and inspiration to us all.
Members of Fermoy Toastmasters with Club President Kevin O’Neill relaxing after the very successful and enjoyable meeting of November 14th 2017.
Another view of the meeting of November 14th 2017. Each and every one of our gatherings represents a lovely coming together of friends to celebrate the arts of communication and explore the boundaries of personal growth with enjoyment, pleasure and the most genial of cheer.
Attachments area
Against the revered backdrop of the Club Banner, President Kevin O’Neill at the top table of the November 28th 2017 meeting. Ready to chair the proceedings is Michelle O’Brien and waiting to act in the role of Topicsmaster is Michael Sheehan.
Timekeeper Johanna Hegarty (extreme right) with members and guests at the meeting of November 28th 2017. Keeping a careful eye on time is vital to everything in Toastmasters.
A section of the attendance at the club meeting of November 28th 2017